“We must build better community policing responses…”

Max going door to door with the public safety survey.

Max going door to door with the public safety survey.

“Building a better community policing response to public safety concerns in the Old North End has been one of my focuses during my time on the City Council. To that end, I went door-to-door surveying neighbors about their public safety concerns and their willingness to engage in community policing efforts. While we found that there were very real concerns around burglaries and drug dealing, we also found out that people in our neighborhood feel a greater sense of community than any other part of the City.

Drawing off of that sense of connection, we have used the information gathered to form the North End Safety Team (NEST) and have been meeting twice a month to develop new community policing strategies. One initiative that has emerged from that work is quickly responding to burglaries by leafleting the surrounding area to let folks know what happened, who to call if they saw anything suspicious, and to provide tips on how to better protect their homes. This past weekend, we had guest speaker, Glenn Boyd, who supervises probation officers at Department of Corrections, telling us about how his clients are served in this area. We also had Karen Vastine, of Burlington’s Community Justice Center, to speak about the city’s engagement with the Department of Corrections. I know that, by drawing off of our incredible sense of community and empowering the public, we can build a strong, effective response to these concerns!”

– Max


“Live at 5:25pm” on Channel 17

Me, Selene Colburn, and Richard Kemp on "Live at 5:25pm" on Channel 17.

Me, Selene Colburn, and Richard Kemp on “Live at 5:25pm” on Channel 17.

It was so much fun to join my good friend and Ward 1 City Council Candidate Selene Colburn on Richard Kemp’s “Live at 5:25” show last week. I love it when I am able to use different types of media to keep constituents up to date on everything from Waterfront improvements to Burlington Telecom. Thanks, Richard!” – Max