Takeaways from Downtown Development Meeting

Burlington is a dynamic city where the landscape is continuously changing.  Questions of how and where to develop as well as who is involved in the process are paramount when considering any such changes.  In order to more fully understand resident concerns and ideas for Burlington’s future development, I attended the interactive “charette” presentation last night at City Hall.  It was amazing to see Burlington’s imaginative side and to realize that even though we face great challenges as a city, we can and should dream about a more sustainable and more inclusive Burlington.  Some of the key take-aways from the event were:

  • The need for UVM to house more of its students on campus and to increase the number of families living in the O.N.E.
  • A desire to maintain mixed income neighborhoods.
  • Making sure that we remember the O.N.E. in any planning and not just focusing on improving Church St., Pine St., and the Waterfront.
  • We should expand on existing bike lanes and sidewalks improvements to enhance access to the O.N.E.
  • Ensuring that all class, cultural, and racial perspectives are taken into account when considering new developments.
  • Locally-owned businesses, like Pho Hong and Old Spokes, are awesome and we should work on attracting more locally-owned businesses to the neighborhood.
  • Preserving the historic character of homes in our area while making energy efficiency improvements.
  • Encouraging more urban agriculture in neighborhoods by adding more community garden spaces.
  • O.N.E. residents must have a voice at the table in decisions to develop the downtown and Waterfront areas.

These were just a few of many, many incredible ideas.  What other ideas and dreams do you have? Email me your thoughts at MaxforBurlington@gmail.com or leave a comment in the form below.



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