Your Neighbors

Your Ward 2 neighbors and Burlington leaders are excited about Max’s re-election campaign for city council.  The following people and Ward 2 business owners want you to know why they support Max.

Llu Mulvaney-Stanak & Kate VanWagner, School St. renters for the last ten years.

“Max Tracy is exactly the kind of city councilor we have needed for Ward 2.  He is passionate about equity for all Burlingtonians and he is proud of living in the O.N.E.  Max has engaged with the residents of our neighborhood with authenticity and action.  Further, he champions the core values of our community justice, accountability, and respect on the city council.”

Llu Mulvaney-Stanak, School St., Community Activist & Former Outright VT Executive Director

Kate Van Wagner, School St.,  UVM MSW Candidate

Wendy Coe, home owner on St. Louis St.

As a community gardener for the past 27 years, I am proud to have city councilor who promotes community gardens in Ward 2. I am happy to know that Max is very supportive of the local food movement.”

Wendy Coe, St. Louis St.
Burlington Area Community Garden Advisory Board President,
Co-Founder of Peace & Justice Center,
Former President of Center City Little League

Vermont State Senator Tim Ashe, (P/D)

Max has done a great job on the City Council. We need Councilors who are bright, think for themselves, and know the neighborhood issues. Max scores on all three.”– Vermont State Senator Tim Ashe, (P/D) Chittenden County, Former two-term Burlington City Councilor.

Emily Tompkins of Manhattan Drive.

Since I met Max, he has consistently been working to improve the quality of life for people in this wonderful city. He has 100% of my support because he takes people’s concerns seriously and works tirelessly to create positive change in Burlington.”

Emily Tompkins
Manhattan Dr

Terry Bouricius, former Ward 2 City Councilor

When Bernie Sanders and I first got elected to city government back in the early 1980’s we worked to build a movement that would fight for the interests of the working people against the corporate-controlled political parties that dominated Burlington. I am thrilled to endorse Max’s re-election! He is committed to the progressive principles that Bernie and I ran on. He will do a great job fighting for the needs of our neighborhood.”
Terry Bouricius
Former Ward 2 City Councilor and Vermont State Representative

Megan of St. Louis St.

I asked for the opportunity to endorse Max (again!) because I think that he is well-positioned to take on the city’s current issues.  Having lived in the Old North End for years now and represented us since 2012 on the council, he is very much aware of the both the joys and the challenges that this neighborhood provides.  Max understands the problems of crime, the efforts of small businesses, the need for affordable housing, and the desires of people who work hard every day to make ends meet.  In addition, working at UVM allows him to appreciate both the benefits and struggles of having three universities within the city limits.

Max is committed, thoughtful, open to new ideas while being clear and concise about his own opinions, and enthusiastic about serving others.  He has a good handle on where Burlington could be headed to become an even better place to live and work. 

I think that, more than anything, the City Council needs to learn to work together based on decisions that put the needs of Burlington’s citizens first rather than voting solely along party lines.  For Ward 2, I think that clearly points to re-electing Max Tracy as the best choice in this election.”
Megan J. Humphrey
St. Louis Street

Tikki & Beckie

When we assess who is best fit to govern, we look at a person’s passion for the community and true commitment to the neighborhood. In other words, who not only has sound reason behind their ideas, but who is vested as well? Max Tracy could not fit the bill more perfectly. His passion is unmatched. His commitment is unwavering. His stake in the betterment of Ward 2 is as high as residents who have lived full lives here in the heart of Burlington.” – Tiki Archambeau and Beckie Taylor

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